10 Best Tires for Travel Trailers (2022 Review)

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best travel trailer tires

Have you been looking for the best trailer tires for your anticipated road trip with family and friends?

I know how overwhelming it can get, especially when the options seem endless.

To make things easy for you, I’ve listed the different factors to consider when buying trailer tires, the top 10 best tires for travel trailers, and what makes them the best.

With this buying guide, you can easily make wise purchasing decisions. So keep scrolling to find the best trailer tires!

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Our Reviews of the Top 10 Best Tires for Travel Trailers

Now that we’ve established the different elements to consider when buying trailer tires, it’s time to reveal which ones made it to my list of the top 10 best tires for travel trailers.

I’ve included pros and cons for each, so you can easily spot which product suits your needs.

1. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

The best tires for travel trailers are the Maxxis radial trailer tires. They have an advanced tread compound intended to reduce rolling resistance, promoting fuel economy and longer tread life.

Another prominent feature is the double steel-belted construction which facilitates maximum strength and towing stability.

Apart from its known stability, the trailer tire also offers exceptional shock absorption and maximum performance in load handling.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive trailer tires you will see on the market, but it’s a great investment for your trips if you have the budget for it.


  • Double steel-belted construction for superior strength and stability
  • Reliable shock absorption
  • Advanced tread compound that decreases rolling resistance


  • Trailer-only tires
  • High-priced

2. Grande Ride Premium Trailer Tires

These radial trailer tires offer a strong grip, giving you a smooth and enjoyable ride. With a nylon overlay, the tread area also provides extra protection and safety.

In addition, you won’t need so much weight to create balance when mounting these tires.

Another thing impressive about the Grande Ride trailer tires is they’re offered in a set of four. So, if you need four new trailer tires, it’s the perfect product for you as you can save a few bucks.

Despite these perks, it also has some disadvantages, such as the fact that these only work for travel trailers, and the sidewalls tend to bulge out if you accidentally overinflate them.


  • Offered in a set of four
  • Contains a nylon overlay offering extra protection to the tread area
  • Provides exceptional grip with not much noise


  • Trailer-only tires
  • Problems with the tires’ sidewalls bulging out if over-inflated

3. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire

Carlisle is one of the most reputable brands, and this radial trailer tire does not disappoint. It offers superior quality and flexibility.

The tire is perfect for different vehicles and applications — whether you’re going to tow a horse trailer or a boat. With a rubber tread compound, the tire provides great stability and combats heat, preventing the tire’s deterioration.

The Carlisle radial trail HD trailer tires’ extra heat protection comes from their weathering and ozone protection. These tires also have interconnected tread blocks, helping the tread last longer.

However, they’re not the cheapest ones available on the market. You may also find it hard to put the tires on your trailer.


  • Flexible enough, making them suitable for different vehicles
  • Provides heat protection through the rubber tread compound
  • Comes with interconnected tread blocks, enhancing the tread’s longevity


  • A little bit pricey
  • Problems with installation on the trailer

4. Wheels Express Silver Mod Radial Trailer Tire

This radial tire from Wheels Express is versatile enough that it goes well with various vehicles and applications, like campers, stick trailers, and boat trailers. You can also make sure that it gets the job done with its double polyester cords and steel belts.

Wheels express radial trailer tire is made with durable steel that prevents corrosion problems with its modular design. Like other radial trailer tires, it guarantees an easy ride. However, it is also a trailer-only tire. This is pretty conflicting given that it works with different types of vehicles.


  • Comes with double polyester cords and steel belts that facilitate strength and stability
  • Durable steel with a modular design
  • Complements with several vehicles


  • Trailer-only tires
  • Relatively expensive

5. Wheels Express White Spoke Bias Trailer Tire

Another product from Wheels Express that made it to my best tires for travel trailers list is their bias trailer tire. Given that it’s a bias tire, you can expect a rougher ride but minimal sway. It’s also perfect for rough roads, and with a stiffer sidewall, you can tow heavier loads. If you need to tow hefty loads for short trips, then you can never go wrong with this bias trailer tire.  


  • Works perfectly on rough roads and short trips
  • Less sway with a stiff sidewall
  • Suitable for huge loads


  • Problems with longevity
  • Concerns with the actual tire not matching the photo provided

6. Trailer King ST Radial Trailer Tire

This trailer tire from Trailer King also offers excellent quality. With its improved shoulder design, you can expect it not to wear down quickly, even if you frequently use your trailer. It also ensures stability with its center groove. The trailer tire has a nylon overlay, promoting maximum strength and stability, even with heavier loads.

The product also includes a limited nationwide warranty. However, some users have mentioned that after a couple of months, the trailer tire may disintegrate. The sidewalls are also a bit unsteady.


  • Includes a center groove to ensure enough stability
  • Nylon overlay to provide extra strength, protection, and durability
  • Improved shoulder design to increase tread’s longevity


  • Not so stable sidewalls
  • Possibility of deteriorating after several months

7. Freestar Load Radial Trailer Tire

One of the best tires for travel trailers is the Freestar Load Radial Trailer Tire. What I like about this product is its complex rubber compound, which provides the strength and durability that you need for regular trips.

You can also expect a powerful grip with its refined tread. So, if ever you’re on the road while there’s a rainstorm, you know you’re safe. The trailer tire’s deep grooves will also expel water, thus protecting the tire. However, the product is trailer-only, and the sidewalls may bulge out, which could hamper your safety.


  • Has deep grooves helping expel water
  • Complex rubber compound for a strong and durable trailer tire
  • Refined tread for sufficient grip


  • Possibility of the sidewalls bulging out
  • Designed for trailers only

8. Goodyear Endurance All-Season Radial Tire

Goodyear also offers some of the best tires for travel trailers. Its all-season radial tire comes with a fabric-steel design, providing enough towing capacity and durability, along with an improved rubber compound, preventing damage from twigs or sticks. It also prevents damage from regular wear and tear thanks to its scuff guard. These tires should last for about three to five years.

If you have some extra money, you can also opt to take advantage of Goodyear’s installation service. However, it doesn’t seem to have a warranty. Although it’s known for its durability, it would be nice to know that it comes with product protection in case you encounter issues with the tire.


  • Has a fabric-steel design offering excellent towing capacity and durability
  • Reinforced rubber compound for extra protection
  • Has a scuff guard to protect the tire’s sidewall against wear and tear


  • No known warranty

9. eCustomRim Trailer Tires

If you’re looking for the best travel trailer tires, you should consider this product from eCustomRim. With its steel construction, you can expect a strong and long-lasting tire and rim. It also has a five-lug pattern, so you can install the product more quickly than other products of the same type. The tire and rim are offered in different sizes, so you will most likely get the one that matches your needs.

Unlike other offers where you would have to buy a rim separately, this one includes a rim, so that’s another advantage. However, some users have raised concerns regarding the product’s longevity, suggesting that it might not work well after several months of use.    


  • Five-lug bolt pattern for quick and easy installation
  • Accommodates various needs with different sizes available
  • Has steel construction allowing for maximum durability


  • Potential issues with longevity

10. Radar Tires Steel Belted Radial Trailer Tires

These radial trailer tires from Radar Tires also made it to my list of the best travel trailer tires. It comes with a ribbed tread design, allowing for powerful traction even during snowstorms and the tire’s wide grooves keep you safe from hydroplaning. Additionally, rolling resistance is minimized with the tire’s distinct radial construction. This means that you can drive faster and save gas and money for your trips.

Don’t forget the fact that these trailer tires are available in a set of four, with their price similar to other tire options that only provide one. So, if you’re planning to buy more trailer tires, this is a smart choice for you. However, just like other products, it comes with some disadvantages, such as late delivery or getting a damaged product.


  • Available in a set of four, making it cost-effective
  • Has a ribbed tread design providing excellent traction
  • Decreases rolling resistance with its special radial construction


  • Some shipping issues and product defects once they arrive
travel trailer tires tip

What Should You Consider When Choosing Trailer Tires?

We’ve all been burned by a bad product before. That’s why I make sure to do sufficient research before making any major purchase, and that includes buying tires for travel trailers.

Here are the factors I consider when deciding what trailer tire to buy:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Frequency of Use
  • Durability
  • Load Rating
  • Extra Weight
  • Sidewall Strength
  • Cooling System
  • Warranty
  • Price


Trailer tires are available in two types only — radial and bias.

Their difference lies in their construction.

Radial trailer tires include steel belts that run at a 90-degree angle of the tread centerline.

With this construction, the tire becomes more durable. It offers greater stability and ground contact as well.

Compared to bias trailers, radial trailers are cooler. So, if you often take long or extended trips with your friends, you may want to choose radial tires. 

Meanwhile, bias trailer tire construction includes nylon belts that run from a 30- to 45-degree angle of the tread centerline.

They may not be as strong as radial tires, but the nylon provides extra protection to the sidewall, allowing these tires to bear heavier loads.

These are also cheaper than radial trailers.

So if you know you only make short trips and you’re on a budget, then bias trailer tires are a great option.


Size is crucial in choosing the right tire for your trailer and ensuring safety.

Picking a tire that’s too small or too large only poses risks.

So, make sure the tire’s size matches your trailer’s specifications.

Check the numbers and letters located on the sidewall.

For instance, you’ll see a combination like this: ST205/75R15. ST means special trailer, so it’s only meant to be used on trailers.

If it says LT, it means light truck, which means that the tire is meant for Class A, B, or C RVs.

In the above example, 205 refers to the tread’s width (in millimeters).

Meanwhile, 75 is the sidewall’s height. This is represented in a percentage, so 75 here means that the height is equivalent to 75% of the tire’s width.

Lastly, the R suggests that it is a radial tire with a size 15 rim.

It may sound confusing given all the numbers and letters. But the key is to pick a tire that offers the same specs.

Frequency of Use

When picking the best tires for travel trailers, think of how often you will be using them.

Will it be every day or only once or twice every year?

If you think you’ll be taking long rides, then it’s a wise decision to get a set of radial trailer tires.

However, if you’re only taking short trips on back roads, then a bias trailer tire may be the best option for you.

It’s also necessary to know what you’ll be placing in your trailer.

The tires should be able to accommodate the weight you expect to put in the trailer.

However, stay reasonable when thinking of its usage.

You’re only wasting your resources if you choose a premium radial trailer tire but only use them once or twice.


If the product doesn’t last long, it’s not one of the best travel trailer tires.

When buying trailer tires, I pick ones that are known for their durability to ensure I get the most bang for my buck. 

Durable tires are less likely to give you problems on long trips, and you won’t have to think about replacing them on a yearly basis.

With high-quality trailer tires, you can do the replacement in three to five years.

Load Rating

You can find the load range on the trailer’s sidewall.

Knowing the load range will help you identify the maximum load the tire can handle.

Most trailer tires have a load range of B, C, D, and E.

Let’s say you have a single-axle trailer with a tire load range of C. It can carry a maximum of 1820 pounds. S

o, you can tow up to 3640 pounds.

However, you need to deduct 12% from the trailer tire’s load rating if you have a double-axle trailer with a tire load range of C.

This means that you can only tow a maximum of 3204 pounds.

You should know the actual weight of what you plan on towing and match it with your trailer tire’s load rating.

Doing so will help keep you safe while on the trip while the trailer tires offer their maximum performance.

The load rating also suggests the maximum weight your tire can manage once fully inflated.

So, identify the exact load your trailer tire can bear. Otherwise, you will be prone to accidents.

Extra Weight

When buying the right trailer tires, I also consider the extra weight I need inside my trailer.

To be on the safe side, the tire specs should surpass the rating and weight limit that I expect.

Choosing tires with a more significant maximum weight is a wise decision than risking the fate of what should be a fun vacation trip.

Sidewall Strength

Choosing the best tires for travel trailers also means buying those that can manage maximum pressure, so pick the tires that offer superior sidewall strength.

Otherwise, your tires may be prone to blowouts, jeopardizing the success of your trip.

This is especially true if you plan to tow your trailer off of paved roads.

Cooling System

I also consider the cooling system when purchasing the best tires for travel trailers.

It has to be reliable and functional.

Tires with an excellent cooling system help prevent the possibility of blowouts and explosions.


It’s vital to check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty on its products.

Warranty length varies per company, but credible ones offer reasonable or longer warranty periods.

Choose those that give you protection in case there are defects with the trailer tires.

If you travel more frequently, check whether the warranty works in various dealer locations.


Who wouldn’t want the best deals when buying any product?

However, make sure that these are still realistic offers.

Remember that choosing the right tires for travel trailers is also an investment.

So, choose a trailer tire that’s perfect for your budget and does the job that you need and expect.

Who Produces the Best Tires for Travel Trailers?

You may also wonder which brands make the best travel trailer tires.

While you can guess based on the list I’ve given above, let me go over these top brands to help you make informed purchasing decisions.


Maxxis has established itself as one of the leading tire manufacturers globally.

They aim to provide the highest quality tires to their customers from different parts of the world.

And they seem to realize this goal given that they’re my top pick for the best tires for travel trailers. 


Based in Southwest Florida, this family-owned company has been in the trailer tire business for over 25 years.

They have been providing a wide range of trailer tires and are committed to providing outstanding service to their clients with precision.

Wheels Express

Wheels Express is another family-owned company that is based in Oklahoma.

It strives to fulfill its promise to provide high-quality services that will satisfy your needs.

They also make sure to accommodate any concerns regarding your trailer tires.


Carlisle is another manufacturer that adopts state-of-the-art technology to provide premium tire products.

They’re also known for offering one of the best customer service experiences, making it easier for buyers to communicate any potential issues with their tire transactions.

Trailer King

Trailer King has been fulfilling various tire needs for over 50 years.

Their dedication to building top-of-the-line products seems to have paid off because they remain one of the best providers of trailer tires.


Everyone knows the Goodyear name. The company has been providing high-quality tires and tire-related items for over 120 years.

With their commitment to building long-lasting tires and ensuring customer satisfaction, they continue to offer one of the best travel trailer tires.

Power King

Power King has been in the tire business for over 50 years.

Focused on providing excellent performance, value, and quality, Power King has made itself one of the best providers of travel trailer tires.

Final Thoughts on Travel Trailer Tires

Now that you’ve seen my list of the top 10 best tires for travel trailers and the best providers, you can confidently purchase tires that fit your every need for your next trip.

To help make a wiser purchasing decision, don’t forget the factors that I’ve shared above.

Check out our page for more interesting lists and tips related to your tire needs!



Hey there! I'm Shawn. We were traveling full-time in our travel trailer with our 7 kids. We had to learn a lot to make that lifestyle work, and we wanted to pass some of that experience to you! Our goal is to help save you time, frustration, and money!

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  1. Used #2 for over four months on several trips and had no problems. They mounted easy on my vans and they were inexpensive.

  2. The Falken tire is a great tire that I choose for my 93 Jeep Wrangler. I love these truck tires. I never imagined I’d ever had traction in wet weather as these things give me. Definitely the best tires I’ve had on my truck. I can say that this tire doesn’t wear easily even if I drive it on slippery, icy, and rocky roads. Also, it has minimal noise and the tires are holding up well. The performance is solid I must say.


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Hey there! I'm Shawn. We were traveling full-time in our travel trailer with our 7 kids. We had to learn a lot to make that lifestyle work, and we wanted to pass some of that experience to you! Our goal is to help save you time, frustration, and money!

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