About Us

Welcome to Learning RV!

Hi! We’re Shawn and Bree, founders of LearningRV.com.

We’ve learned a lot since selling it all and traveling in our RV across the country with our 8 kids. 

Did I just say 8 kids?! Yep!

Our hearts are as full as our hands. Some are biologically ours, some are adopted, but you’d never know the difference. 

shawn and bree from hills on wheels

A Little Story About How We Got Started...

It all started one day when Shawn was sitting at his 9-5 job. He was selling advertising for a publicly-traded company. After seeing how many of those businesses were not getting the ROI the company promised, he just couldn’t fathom selling something he didn’t believe in. 

He sent Bree a simple text. “I’m going to quit my job. We can sell the house, buy an RV, and travel around the country.”

Although it was sent in a joking manner, and we definitely didn’t have all the details figured out, two days later he quit his job. 

We had been full-timing for a bit, and then we settled back down to figure out a few more details. 

During that “figuring things out” time, we added more members to our family, so we had to make a few logistical changes. 

No more truck, because we wouldn’t all fit!

Now we’re pulling a 36′ travel trailer with our 15-passenger van. We had to make some renovations to the RV to make room for everyone. 

We didn’t know if this would work long-term, but it was a solution. The van is within its towing capacity and has pulled the RV up and down mountains, through the flatlands, and just about everywhere in the US!

It had a bunk room, but not enough for everyone before the renovations.

Luckily, Bree has a brilliant design mind and Shawn is pretty handy. These changes have made it where everyone has their own space and storage. 

We’ve learned so much during our travels. We get asked questions all the time from family, friends, and now even neighbors at different places we visit. 

That’s why we created this site–to help answer questions for those wanting to travel full-time and offer our best tips and trips for RVing.

Hill Family At Coopers Rock State Forest

Here's How We Can Help You...

Because we’ve had to make such drastic changes and figure so much out on our own, we want to share that experience with you. 

You’ll find several “how-to” blog posts, some buying guides (we’ve wasted too much money not to tell you what works and what doesn’t), and even a personal blog to keep up with our family. 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us by dropping a message below or through Instagram (linked above). 

Happy travels!